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27 March 2010 @ 02:37 pm
The right decision part 2?XD  
Just...How late I am?XD
I'm so slow that I've discovered only now that Akanishi is apparently going to LA, for 6 months.
(shit!I should have been there for a three months language course starting June, before Tokyo made its way through my heart.ARGH!XD)
Oh, Jin!How come I was expecting a piece of news like this?
I so felt it.
I just knew it, he was going back there in 2010.
I hope he attends another English course too.'Cause, seriously, he can do so much better than that.
Saying 'fuck', 'shit', 'bitch' in every single sentence is not that cool, and hearing those words in almost all of the songs starts to be boring after a while.Blame the Linguist inner me on that.XD
If he wants to be REALLY successful(meaning: he wants a LOT of people to listen to his songs and not only retarded American wannabes or 'blind' fangirls)he must get rid of that habit and work harder on the lyrics, which I highly hope will be checked by a good proof reader.His friends(or club buddies, or whatever you call them)are sure qualified, being native speakers and such...but they aren't PROFESSIONALS.

What can I say?KAT-TUN sure have a manager who's abusing weed.
The timing is just...Ugh!
I still have difficulties in understanding HOW the split can be a form of advertisement for the WHOLE group, and HOW an English singing solo artist can be an open door for the whole JAPANESE SINGING group he's part of.O_o
In the USA.In LA.XD
I am sorry to say this, but from a westerner point of view ASIAN POP ARTISTS don't stand a chance to have much success in the West.Unless they sing in English, bring something NEW(e.g: I wouldn't like a Justin Timberlake copy, when I have the original one who does an awesome job, yet) and maintain in a way their Japanese(or Korean, Chinese, Thai...)touch.Otherwise they'll be stuck to their original western fandom, which is - and will be for a long time - a niche.Language barrier isn't something you should underestimate.
Okay, I guess I lack the marketing knowledge to see objectively through this commercial move.

I won't say a thing about the people who started bashing Kamenashi because of Jin going solo.It's simply ridiculous to think that Kame is THE reason/cause for his band mate to go away.What would he gain from this?Really.He has his own career, which is quite too much hectic if you ask me.But if he keeps on having jobs(isn't it from last October that he is constantly working?That makes 2 years of work NON-STOP), even with Jin around, evidently he has enough popularity to survive in that world.

Despite all of those fans who vehemently affirm that Jin will be back in KAT-TUN, in October, I can't help but to think that it won't be the case.
IF he won't be successful in the States, he will pursue a solo career.I'm 95% sure of it.
He would have been included in the Asian tour, if it wasn't so.
And that 6 months Visa sounds more like a 'passport' to the USA.I wouldn't be surprised if he stayed in the States.
As many out there stated, Johnny is a business man.
He's not stupid, he can do very well his job and he owns probably 80% of the entertainment world in Japan.But he's not God.
If an artist doesn't want to work with him anymore, he can't force him and I don't think that a person like Jin, so interested in abroad activities, would be scared by eventual threats not to work in the Japanese entertainment anymore.

Well...Good luck to all of them.
I'll wait for scandalous pictures of Jin passionately ravishing some chick's lips.XD
Yes!That is my forbidden fantasy and I won't be happy until someone will grant this wish.XD
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