Love in the ice

Dreaming on a creamy, cotton cloud~

8 December

25, girl, with a strong passion for foreign languages and travels.
Does have a list of the places she wishes to visit before getting married.
So far she's been to 3.
Give her a camera and she won't stop taking pictures of whatever caught her eyes.
Currenly a student, as well as a bartender, waiting for the chance of her life
but still unsure of what to do, once she'll grow up.
Music is her light, guitar the favourite instrument with which delivering the feelings in her heart.
Dance is her everything, even though fate decided to rob her of  it.
Can't sing.Can't swim.Can't go on bycicles.
The worst driver you'll ever met on your streets.
Loves better listening than speaking about herself.
Loves writing, mostly short poems which she'd like too turn into lyrics,
when she'll find the right melody.
Loves working with children, summer rain, spring and bright smiles.
Prefers a hot weather to a cold one, but can't help it and run outside wearing slippers any time she sees the love of her life.
The snow.
Hates dead insects, and could scream her loungs out whenever she sees one,
but doesn't care a bit about the ones still living.
Can't stand bad music.
And the people who act like the sun shines out their ass better stay away from her.


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